Exceptional Engineered Metal Face Seals By SAP Parts

Mechanical Face Seal is a special type of mechanical seal. It is also known for other specifications such as lifetime seals, floating seals, duo con seals, toric seals, and heavy seals.


There are two types of metal face seals. The most common form is the D-shape, which uses an O-ring as an auxiliary sealing element. On the other hand, the DF type has an elastomer with a diamond-shaped cross-section as a secondary sealing element rather than an O-ring. Both types consist of two identical metal seal rings that seal against each other in a wrapped seal face. Seal types can also be split using different seal materials. Design Features The seal consists of two metal seals. They are installed in separate housings facing each other. The elastomeric element centers the seal of the seal. There are two taper cones in housing and OD. The taper increases with the depth of the bore due to different grades of cones. The housing geometry can usually be machined on an NC machine tool.


SAP Parts offer Mechanical Face Seal / Floating Seals specially designed by manufacturers, designers and engineers, and special surface treatment products for construction, mining, defense, transmission, and agricultural equipment.

SAP PARTS ™ is a fast-growing company in the precision products sector serving heavy industries, construction, and agricultural OEMs.

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